I Help People With WordPress

This Is My Resume

I like telling stories, so I thought instead of regular old resume, I thought it would be more fun to tell a story about myself.


I help people use WordPress by creating themes and plugins, as well as blogging about WordPress and making WordPress sites.

Community Management

I work as the community manager for Pods--a free WordPress development framework. As part of my job I provide support, manage documentation, and create educational materials. Since I began working as the community manager for Pods last August we've created a new tutorials section full of tutorials I wrote as well as those I curated from the community. I've also added and expanded doc pages and created a screencast series on how to use Pods. As part of my job with Pods I also provide support, do bug testing and improve the help resources in the plugin itself.

You can learn more about my approach to designing support system in the article I wrote for Torque about co-designing better support experiences.


One of the things I love about WordPress is the supportive community and the incredible amount of educational resources from tutorials to screencasts to WordCamps as well as the various support sites and groups. It is because of the generosity of those who create and provide all of these resources that I am able to do anything more than write the most basic HTML tags. I love being able to give back to the community that has given me so much by writing about WordPress.

I have contributed content to Tuts+, WPMU, Wpbeginner and Torque. I also write articles and tutorials on my own site, including an on-going series about content strategy.

Plugin and Theme Development

I am the author of several free themes and three plugins for WordPress.

My theme _Second Foundation is a starter theme based on the Foundation framework. I also wrote two child themes for Twenty Fourteen that center the content and add other capabilities. One theme is called The Falcon, because I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and features a mobile slide-out menu and a header that rearranges itself when scrolled--based on my own jQuery and has a user-configurable gradient background. Creating The Falcon led to an article about child themeing for Twenty Fourteen, which I wrote with Chris Knowles. We wrote a modified version of The Falcon, called Awesome 2014 for that article. Awesome 2014 uses the Sidr jQuery plugin for it's slide-out sidebar and has a solid background as well as some additional options for the featured content section.

My plugin, JP Theme Bar, adds a theme switching bar to the bottom of your site, perfect for theme preview sites. I wrote it so I could use it and to teach myself the Settings and Options APIs. It is based on the IJM Theme Switcher Bar v2.0 by Iain J McCallum. I rewrote the original plugin into object oriented PHP, added some filters, simplified the jQuery and rearranged the admin page.

As a member of wpcollab I am working on several WordPress plugin with a team of developers from all over the world. Our first plugin Hello Emoji provides emoticon to emoji conversion in WordPress posts.

My latest plugin, JPD2 makes it easy to improve the performance of WordPress queries using the Transients API.

I've Got Big Plans

I am only an egg.

I started learning WordPress development when I was supposed to be working on his masters thesis in environmental studies, which ended up being about open-source solutions for sustainable design and was presented in a WordPress site. I am currently in the earliest phases of developing the technology and the business that I imagined in my thesis. My goal is to use WordPress to develop tools that help people work together globally in order to strengthen communities and create local solutions to ecological issues while earning a right livelihood. I am continuing to learn about WordPress and PHP not only because I love it and it provides my income but so I can make this dream a reality.

Who I Am

Child of Pittsburgh, student of environmental studies, science fiction fan, husband to my awesome wife, and human to two dogs and two cats.

I have bachelors and masters degrees in Environmental Studies, which I promise you is the perfect background for working in the WordPress ecosystem. I also have an associates degree in recording engineering and in a past life–ie my twenties–worked as a recording engineer in New York City. I hope to be a perpetual student and would like to go back to school part-time as soon as I can find that part of time.

While I was born in the greatest city on Earth, Pittsburgh, PA, I currently reside in Tallahassee, FL where I live with my awesome opera-singing wife Alicia, our adorable cats and dogs. In what spare time I have, I have been laying the groundwork for future WordPress-powered social entrepreneurship and struggling to understand how my garden works. My life-long obsession with science-fiction and fantasy literature began when my Dad read me The Hobbit as a bed time story when I was a kid and shows no sign of letting up.