I Can Do Anything! So What?

the lesson I’ve learned about business, by thinking as a developer about Ingot, as a business. There was a time, let’s call it the last few years of my life, when I rushed from “great idea” to prototype. I’ve spent a lot of time coding an idea before even considering the business’ unique value proposition, or whether such a thing exists.

The Secret To Secrets

For awhile now, I’ve been on a quest for the secret of how to accomplish my goals. I know it’s not like finding a new, shinier sword or magic amulet in a video game, yet I have been treating it that way.

Was The #WooMattic Deal About The People?

A lot of people have assumed Automattic bought WooThemes, so they could use WooCommerce to power a WordPress.com eCommerce offering.

That seems like a funny reason to spend what is rumored to be $30 million. If they just wanted to use WooCommerce, they could have just installed WooCommerce like the rest of us.

Making Change Requires Tough Choices

Changing your life in big ways requires a lot of choices. Many of which suck, that you have to trust are worth it in the long run. Last week we released Pods 2.5.2, which is a minor maintenance release for Pods, but it is a significant release for me. It will be the last Pods release that I will be actively involved in.

The New Work/ Work Balance

I love that my work is stupid fun, but as much as I love my new business, I write less code than I used to. That has a lot of bad side-effects. It’s not just about keeping in practice or amusing myself, it’s about my blogging.