WordPress Search, Custom API Endpoints, Woo!

Yesterday I published a post on Torque about extending the WordPress REST API & released a beta version of a plugin that extends the REST API for SearchWP queries. This new plugin not only gives a great example of how to extend the API, but frankly I think it is a better way to run queries then the default routes.

Help Add A Contribute Tab In The WordPress About Section

When I first wrote a patch to add a “Contribute” tab to the WordPress “About” section, I was hesitant to share what motivated me to do so–the news that Kim Parsell had died. I didn’t know here well, but I know she inspired others to get involved, and that is what this tab is about–helping people visualize themselves as contributors in whatever form is realistic for them.

Using Composer To Increase Your WordPress Development Powers

Composer is an important tool that is not only easy to use, but also leads to increased code reusability, a reduction in copypasta errors, encourages best practices like using namespacing and autoloaders, and can aid in deployments.

WordPress Tallahassee Meetup: Turning WordPress Sites Into Web & Mobile Apps

For the second meeting of the Tallahassee WordPress Meetup I am presenting on solutions for turning WordPress sites into mobile apps and using WordPress as the back-end for a web and/or mobile app. This is a subject that I’ve thought a lot about as I work with the WordPress REST API, and my own projects.