Browse Free WordPress Plugins Like A VIP

The official WordPress plugin repository contains over 27,000 plugins. Separating the good from the bad as well as the good from the ‘was once good but no longer works’ can be a challenge. Opposed to the theme directory, the plugins are not actively reviewed by a large team of dedicated volunteer reviewers. This leaves the […]

What Is The Real Conversion Rate?

Mailing lists are a great resource, but they can be more than just a way to get people to keep coming back to your site–they can be a way to start a conversation. Building an email list is what I’m personally focusing on right now, but it’s important to not loose site of the real goal–new clients and new ways to serve the community. I’m not in the business of sending emails. I’m in the business of creating WordPress support systems and educational materials as well as building and nurturing user communities If I had 1000 page views in a month and two sign-ups for my email list, and my only goal was to build a mailing list, I’d be disappointed by that miserable conversion rate. But, if 2 of those 1000 page views turned into leads for new clients, I’d be a very happy boy.