I Can Do Anything! So What?

the lesson I’ve learned about business, by thinking as a developer about Ingot, as a business. There was a time, let’s call it the last few years of my life, when I rushed from “great idea” to prototype. I’ve spent a lot of time coding an idea before even considering the business’ unique value proposition, or whether such a thing exists.

The Typical WordPress User

Attending WordCamp US and The Community Summit was a highlight of my year and a huge privilege. But hearing so many people put down the intelligence of WordPress users was a huge disappointment. The challenge of defining a single profile for the typical WordPress user is impossible, and trying to do so leads to a dismissive view of those who make this success of the WordPress ecosystem possible.

I Just Wandered Into This

When we deny compliments we are not only being rude to a person who is being incredibly kind to us, we are tearing ourselves down. I’m working very hard not to do this, and I’d like to combat that publicly by taking stock of all I’ve done in 2015.