WordPress Authentication (over) Concerns: A Quick Case Study

One concern about the WordPress REST API has been adding a new authentication system. I think this is because of all the excitement about fun new apps that we could build connecting outside of WordPress. That’s cool, but WordPress’ existing authentication system is all we need for the cool things we could use the REST API for in WordPress core as well as plugins and themes.

The GPL, Partnerships & Paying It In All Directions

Earlier this week my company CalderaWP announced a new partner that was made possible by the GPL, but goes beyond what the GPL requires. The GPL fosters community. It does not make community. Our community is based on how we use those freedoms and nurture our relationships.

Help Add A Contribute Tab In The WordPress About Section

When I first wrote a patch to add a “Contribute” tab to the WordPress “About” section, I was hesitant to share what motivated me to do so–the news that Kim Parsell had died. I didn’t know here well, but I know she inspired others to get involved, and that is what this tab is about–helping people visualize themselves as contributors in whatever form is realistic for them.

I May Be A Giver, But I’m Not Exactly Altruistic

The WordPress community is woven from gifts–gifts of code, support, Meetups and WordCamps–gifts that people have given because they need them to exist.

Recently someone posted to a Facebook group I frequent an article that was wholesale copied from one I wrote. I was flattered. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it’s true. Really, it doesn’t bother me. I’m used to giving freely. Am I getting screwed a little on this one? Sure, but I don’t focus on every little exchange. Overall I’ve benefited more than I can possibly calculate by what I have taken from the WordPress ecosystem. Keeping score would be pointless.