Getting Started With Modern WordPress Development: What You Need

I’m teaching a few workshops this month aimed at those looking to level up their WordPress development chops. It’s got me thinking a lot about what you need to do quality WordPress development.

Using Composer To Increase Your WordPress Development Powers

Composer is an important tool that is not only easy to use, but also leads to increased code reusability, a reduction in copypasta errors, encourages best practices like using namespacing and autoloaders, and can aid in deployments.

WordPress Tallahassee Meetup: Turning WordPress Sites Into Web & Mobile Apps

For the second meeting of the Tallahassee WordPress Meetup I am presenting on solutions for turning WordPress sites into mobile apps and using WordPress as the back-end for a web and/or mobile app. This is a subject that I’ve thought a lot about as I work with the WordPress REST API, and my own projects.

Co-Creating A Better Support Experience

My first article for Torque, Co-Creating A Better Support Experience was published today. The article is based on my experience working for Pods, and taking some inspiration from an awesome talk by Syed Balkhi of at WordCamp Birmingham 2013 and incorporates a lot of what I learned in school about participatory design. It’s always […]