Getting Started With Modern WordPress Development: What You Need

I’m teaching a few workshops this month aimed at those looking to level up their WordPress development chops. It’s got me thinking a lot about what you need to do quality WordPress development.

Why The WordPress REST API Must Be In Core

The WordPress REST API’s inclusion in core “sometime in 2015,” something everyone is excited about, has until this week and everyone couldn’t wait. Now that’s not so certain. But it’s a feature we need in WordPress, and it’s ready. To waste this opportunity now would be a huge mistake.

Learning PHP Through WordPress Development: Object Oriented Programming

This post is not a tutorial on learning OPP. Instead a collection of posts and series on learning object-oriented PHP for WordPress development, in the order I would recommend reading them. Think it as the reading list for a course on OOP that I really should teach one day.

Creating and Compensating For Fixed Height Headers

In Gethen, my new child theme for _Second Foundation, I created an option for fixing the header to the top of the page. Its pretty easy to do this with a little css “postion:fixed”, but keeping it from clipping the top of the page content is a little trickier. In a static html site you […]