I love a lot of things about what I do, but most of all that it’s stupid fun. I’m mid-transition from freelancer to business owner, which has been a fun new adventure. But the side-effect is I don’t get to write as much code, something I love to do.

The  secondary side-effect of this is that I love writing instructional blog posts about WordPress development. As I’ve made clear before, I primarily do so to give myself an excuse to learn something interesting or cement the knowledge of a fun new skill I learned.

So, I haven’t been blogging a lot either recently. That sucks because I love writing  about writing coding almost as much as I love writing code. Also, my blogging has always been about marketing myself.

This is the new challenge, and I’m starting to face it with this tiny little post. And  the code I wrote to add a micro-blog within my blog 🙂 More on that soon…

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