It would be a shame if I put all this work into this platform that empowers people to let their voices be heard, without using it to tell my own stories.

Was The #WooMattic Deal About The People?

A lot of people have assumed Automattic bought WooThemes, so they could use WooCommerce to power a WordPress.com eCommerce offering.

That seems like a funny reason to spend what is rumored to be $30 million. If they just wanted to use WooCommerce, they could have just installed WooCommerce like the rest of us.

A Letter To JavaScript

Dear JavaScript – I’m sorry I ever said mean things about you. It’s about me, not you. You are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…

Pretentiousness In The Age of The Algorithim

When I was younger I didn’t want to listen to System of a Down because they were too mainstream. Eventually I got my head out of my butt, and gave them another chance. I’m still not into Toxicity, but the rest is pretty awesome.

Now I don’t want to because then Google Play will recommend I listen to Disturbed.

The New Work/ Work Balance

I love that my work is stupid fun, but as much as I love my new business, I write less code than I used to. That has a lot of bad side-effects. It’s not just about keeping in practice or amusing myself, it’s about my blogging.