Using Easy Digital Downloads To Serve Downloads From WordPress.org

On CalderaWP.com we use Easy Digital Downloads to sell plugins. We also have a few free plugins listed as free products. We do this because, even though you can just install them through WordPress.org, we’d prefer that you create an account on our site and sign up for mailing list.

What I didn’t want to have to do was manually update these files every time I made an update. It seemed better to pull form WordPress.org.

I had originally set the EDD file link to use a link like https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/caldera-forms.zip. But for some reason, that I couldn’t figure out, this was giving a year old version of Caldera Forms.

When I opened a issue about adding a filter in EDD so I could work around this, it was pointed out that I should be using https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/caldera-forms.latest-stable.zip instead. This seems to have resolved the issue for me.

Anyway, small tip and I told Otto I’d document a way around it after he took some time to help me understand how those files work and told me their was no CDN in use that could have explained it. I will update if I find out more about this mystery.

Proper settings to make a file downloadable in Easy Digital Downloads from WordPress.org


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