So You Want to Make a Commercial WordPress Plugin?

6 thoughts on “So You Want to Make a Commercial WordPress Plugin?”

  1. Hi Josh,

    Nice article.

    Nowadays almost everything is available for free, so a plugin developer should offer an excellent product if he’s gonna ask money for it. And offer excellent support. Users deserve this because they’re willing to pay for it. Or extend a free plugin with paid addons or paid support, like many developers do. I admire developers who still make a decent living in 2016 with developing plugins / themes.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you Josh for this article. We’re in a very very similar business, except that my team makes themes. This made me think I could publish similar article, but for themes and my experiences (I’ve started at the same time).

    I wonder how skilled is your most common client? Are they WP/PHP/web developers or business/website owners who want to save some money and they create websites themselves? Or even agencies who buy licenses in bulk or subscription once they get used to using your plugin and love how it works?

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Primoz – Thanks for reading. You should write that post. I’m sure there would be similarities for a theme company, but plenty of differences both beacuse themes and a different company.
      I don’t really have the data to say with precision what the breakdown is in our users, but I’d say its pretty split between DIYers and professional site builders.

      1. I’ll come back here and post a link when I publish it, ok?

        Thank you for your thought about the market. We know about the same too, but we struggle to find out the ratio of the these two, so we can address them better.

  3. Great article, Josh. Lots of this advice and experience hits close to home. Building _something_ is a great way to learn. I’d argue that time invested building something isn’t a 1:1 loss of productivity based on your hourly rate. Even simple and mundane projects can be great opportunities to experiment with new techniques or technologies.

    Really loved this one. Thanks for writing/sharing! <3

    1. Robby – Thanks for reading. Yes, it’s not a loss of productivity, but it’s a loss of time that you might be doing billable work on. Building new stuff is a great learning experience and can pay off later, but in the short term, it’s time your not spending on bringing home the veggie bacon.

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