It never stops me from giving them away. Why do I do it? A lot of reasons. But the biggest one is that hoarding these ideas — presuming that they are all great ideas, which not all of them actually are — doesn’t do me any good.

If some one does run with one of these ideas, its likely based on a problem I have. That means that at a minimum,  I will be able to use this service I wanted. Maybe whoever creates the product will want me involved, maybe they will not.

While I want to be doing a lot of things, at the stage that I’m at in my career, I have limited time. Right now I have two tests before I consider starting something new — do I have time for it and do I have partners that are passionate about it?

Right now, every idea fails the “do I have time” test, so no new business ideas have any value to me. But, if they have value to someone, who may be passionate about it, then awesome, great for them. I’ll trust that they’ll pay it forward, and if not I’m in the same place I started anyway — no net loss.

Too many people horde their business ideas. I don’t share mine only because I have nothing to loose, and somewhere between nothing and everything to gain by sharing them. I share them because I’m not under the illusion that I can create anything great by myself.

Only by sharing my ideas, bouncing them off of others can I evolve them, or realize that they were not as stellar as they seemed. More importantly, only by talking about my ideas can I potentially find out who is really passionate about making the right ones happen.

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