I’m a blogger, theme and plugin developer, community manager and WordPress core contributor. What does that mean for you?

I help people use WordPress by creating themes and plugins, as well as blogging about WordPress and making WordPress sites. Whether you need one-on-one instruction, custom development or help planning your next WordPress project, I can help you meet your goals while saving time and money.

I help WordPress business by creating support systems that educate users about how to use their products and their user communities. By using co-design, we can create a support system that meets your users needs while growing your user community.

Helping Users

Have you read one of my WordPress development tutorials, or content strategy articles and need more help implementing what you’ve learned for your own site?

Let’s set up a time for me to help you learn a new skill or solve a problem or plan your WordPress project. Two hours with me could save you days of struggling and googling.

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Helping Businesses

Too often the true potential of a product is lost because of problems communicating its benefits in a way that users can understand. All the best coding in the world doesn't matter if no one understands them. That's why I think the best type of marketing is education.

I translate between developer speak and user speak.

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WordPress Ecology

We call the WordPress Ecosystem an ecosystem because its an accurate metaphor. I understand how ecosystems work, and how to apply the metaphor to business because that's what I studied in for my bachelors and masters degree in environmental studies.

Build success the natural way: by creating strong relationships to other members of the ecosystem.

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