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Extending The WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API is more then the default routes, its a highly extensible tool for creating APIs. Learn how to extend it and make it fit your own needs.

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Why The WordPress REST API Must Be In Core

The WordPress REST API’s inclusion in core “sometime in 2015,” something everyone is excited about, has until this week and everyone couldn’t wait. Now that’s not so certain. But it’s a feature we need in WordPress, and it’s ready. To waste this opportunity now would be a huge mistake.

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Access Control Headers For The WordPress REST API

Working with access control headers and other global headers for the WordPress REST API.

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Making Your WordPress Tutorials Awesome

Some thoughts on how I strive to write compelling stories about how my readers are going to learn new things about using WordPress to meet their goals.

Thanks, Ya'll Are Awesome

Forget The #wpdrama, Ya’ll Are Awesome

I’m proud to be a part of this community, even when things are not so shiny. Despite all the #wpdrama as of late, let’s not forget how awesome ya’ll are.

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Read The Source Luke

WordPress is a free software, and those freedoms are partially about providing the ability to learn from the software. Reading the source will provide you with an understanding of your software, and a learning experience that no documentation can provide.

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Why I’m On Team #customizerallthethings

It’s 2015 and I have every right to demand real-time visual feedback for any changes to the presentation layer of a web app, before I save them, and without reloading the page. For more and more of the WordPress admin the Customizer delivers.

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Why All The #wpdrama ??

Being right about something is very tricky, especially when so many people disagree with you and its something everyone involved is very passionate about. Trying to understand the hostility will not make it go away, nor does it excuse those who have crossed the line, but understanding does help.

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Does Your Product Teach?

Some tools take training to use, and others you can learn like magic. Still others teach you how to use other, more powerful tools. I think we might have made one of those.