Hi I'm Josh 👋

PHP & JavaScript Developer/ Dog Enthusiast

About Me

I make commerical open source products and teach people how. Friendly nerd for PHP, Javascript, ecology, crypto, caffeine, music, Laravel, React, Docker, WordPress & sci-fi.

When I was a student of environmental studies, I loved to learn about plants and complex and emergent systems. Also, I loved to plant trees and measure things, but I always returned to my fascination with computers and the internet. Over time, I became interested in how online communities, especially open source software movements could provide a model for a more sustainable economy.

So, I started blogging with WordPress, developing WordPress themes and plugins, contributing to WordPress core, speaking at WordCamps, co-founding and selling a WordPress plugin company, etc.

Now, I'm focusing on understanding more about how people use, benefit from and exploit the open web. I'm researching web3, building tools for WordPress developers and experimenting with multiplayer writing tools.